Workshop “Tiny Bouquet to enjoy aging” held at Picture Book Picnic 2022

Event & Seminar


Enjoy beautiful aging

Marche has been revived since this year, and the “Picture Book Picnic” that visitor has returned a lots. Together with intern students, we held a tiny bouquet workshop which enjoy the aging.
To let as many people as possible know the beauty of product’s aging.
You can add a single fresh flower to the dried flower, then you can enjoy how the fresh flower becomes a dried flower by hanging it from the lever handle of your house.



Time spent together

There are many beautiful materials in the process of change, even if they are not painted, plated, or dyed to stop their aging.
If another material is mixed in, it cannot be recycled and often ends up as industrial waste, so UNION proposes a way to enjoy the material itself.
One example is LAMOE which developed for residential.
We will continue to work on product development so that we can help create a rich space where you can enjoy the passage of time together with the tiny bouquets you made.