We implemented “2030 SDGs” card game

Event & Seminar


Consider why the SDGs are necessary for our world

We held a “2030 SDGs” card game for all employees. “2030 SDGs” is a game where you can experience the journey from the present to 2030 in a world where people have different values and goals. At our company, by experiencing how our actions actually affect the world through the game, we conducted it with the aim of thinking for ourselves what the SDGs are and why they are necessary. Even people who are not interested in SDGs can learn the essence of SDGs while having fun by starting with a game, and it was a good opportunity to casually communicate with people who do not usually talk.


Implementation of training for managers

Managers and employees of the SDGs secretariat divided the company’s current situation into economic, environmental, and social categories based on the rules of a card game and scored them. We conducted training to identify problems and discuss how to solve them. We are currently discussing with the secretariat to put together a concrete plan and put it into action. From now on, we will continue to aim for sustainable manufacturing together with our business partners.