UNION has started selling discontinued products at 4earth

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Discontinued product select shop「4earth」

4earth is an e-commerce site operated by Tanseisha Co., Ltd. that sells discontinued interior and building materials, lighting fixtures, and other products. In order to reduce waste, we started listing our discontinued products on December 1st, 2022. You can view the list of products by searching for “Union” or “door handles” in the SEARCH field on the left side of the TOP screen. Since these products are discontinued, you can purchase them at a lower price than the regular price, while maintaining the same quality. Please take a look.



A portion of the sales will be donated to the organization chosen by the purchaser

In addition to waste reduction, we also donate a portion of our sales to NGOs/NPOs through 4earth. Since buyers can choose the recipient of their donation, it provides an opportunity to learn about the problems facing the world today, and they can also find out how their donated money is being used. Please check here for more details.