Union initiatives in the value chain

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In 2023, Union set specific action goals towards achieving the SDGs

To fundamentally review Union’s value chain involving many people and companies, we mapped out the problems in each stage from development and design to procurement and product disposal, and identified the priority issues.


[Development and Design] Goals and Specific Initiatives

■Promote standardization of door handle parts and reduce unnecessary procurement.
→Complete investigation of parts that can be standardized by the end of FY 2023.

■We aim to actively adopt materials with low environmental impact and develop products with single materials that are recyclable or have a structure that can be decomposed.
→We develop products with a focus on circularity

■Protecting and promoting traditional techniques through the development of new products utilizing them.
→The development of Romante that Union’s premium brand showcasing its manufacturing philosophy, and the publication of its catalog. As well as the use of events and social media to disseminate Union’s technology.

■Strengthening the system for product information and sharing knowledge.
→Achieve database management of surface treatments (FY 2023).


[Procurement and Logistics] Goals and Specific Initiatives

■Realization of Green Procurement
→Completion of policy explanation and current situation investigation to partner factories (FY 2023).
※About Green procurement:Green procurement is a procurement method aimed at making environmentally conscious choices in the procurement process of products and services. It is one of the important initiatives for companies to reduce environmental impact and fulfill their social responsibility.

■Promotion of paperless initiatives
Switching to web-based operation for invoices and delivery notes in procurement.


[Operation] Goals and Specific Initiatives

■Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
→Encouraging the use of car sharing, public transportation, and electric assist bicycles.
→Measurement of greenhouse gas emissions and registration to SBT commitment in FY 2023.
→In order to reduce emissions, the number of sales cars at the Osaka branch will be reduced to five in 2023.
They will be switched to shared cars and gradually changed to plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV). The same approach will be taken at the Tokyo branch, which is planned to be implemented by 2024.

■The promotion of health management
→Annual health checkups for all employees.
→Application for Health and Productivity Management Excellent Companies 2024


[Sales] Goals and Specific Initiatives

■Reducing emissions during deliveries
→Replace delivery vehicles with electric cars for route distribution.Install charging facilities at the distribution center and Union’s headquarters.

■Promote streamlining of packaging specifications
→Promotion of packaging two portable fire extinguisher cases in one package.


[Disposal of products] Goals and Specific Initiatives

■Selling discontinued products
→Selling discontinued items through a select online shop.

■Promotion of reuse of returned products, parts, and samples
→Reusing returnable quality levers and restocking lever bases (by creating sorting boxes)

■Initiatives for Repair Services Posting on the website and catalogs and building a system for requesting repair services on the website.