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20 companies of union cooperation factories entered

Twenty of the union’s subcontract factories entered and produced works with the theme of “manufacturing that makes you want to pick it up and decorate your living space” in consideration of SDGs. Each company used their own ingenuity, such as using waste materials and creating works that contributed to the protection of traditional crafts. In the examination, all union employees examine and vote on four items: concept, SDGs, originality, and feasibility.

The award-winning works are as follows.


Best Award:Daiwa Gokin Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
A to F Light – Shining a light on Japanese culture, disasters and the environment –


Based on the theme of upcycling industrial waste, this lighting is made from scrap aluminum that has been anodized for long-lasting use. It can be placed on a desk or a side table in the bedroom. We use Japanese paper carefully made by craftsmen so that we can achieve a soft light and at the same time contribute to the development of the Japanese paper industry, which is suffering from a lack of successors. The punching material and the warm colors of Japanese paper, which differ depending on the surface, brightly illuminate future culture and industry.


Excellence Award:TAISEI Co., Ltd.


Honorable Mention:Fuji youkousyo Co., Ltd.
Reversible Chopstick Rest


Honorable Mention:Techno Sakanobe Co., Ltd.
Stationery made from upcycled laminated reinforced wood scraps that were previously discarded


Design Award:San-ei Stainless Industry
Stainless Hinmel Reuse of shortened welding rods


Technology Award:Imaoka Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Eternal Calendar


Special Award:Kagihira Seisakusho Co., Ltd
Discontinued side table


Collaboration with Kansai University students

Four of the 20 companies collaborated with Kansai University students to create works. Starting with a factory tour, they involved in everything from planning to prototyping and concept sheet creation, bringing fresh perspectives to each factory. 1 out of 4 companies won the best award.


Aiming for sustainable manufacturing

Through this award, fresh ideas, new technologies, and new connections were born in many places. Above all, I think that the fact that we ware able to have fun while facing the SDGs and being able to involve many people in the production will surely be utilized in sustainable manufacturing in the future. Going forward, through various initiatives, we will continue to create products that are friendly to the environment, society, and ourselves. We will further promote partnerships with manufacturing subcontractors and educational institutions with the aim of achieving the SDGs.